My 22nd Birthday

29 January 2015

So if you read my post on Monday you probably saw my brief mention that my birthday was this past Saturday. It was my 22nd birthday. However, it didn't really feel like it was that big of a deal to me but my friends thought differently.

My mom called in to my favorite local bakery, Nana's Cakery, and my roommate picked them up. The container was filled with some of my favorite cupcakes from Nana's and some that I haven't had before. They are delicious! My favorite are the Reese's cupcakes!

My friend, Wes, also dropped some brownies off while I was gone to volleyball and they were good!

I spent the majority of the day doing some cleaning around the apartment, getting laundry done, and working through some homework. It was a fairly typical Saturday. I also spent some time whipping up some late Christmas gifts and some just because gifts.

I look forward to sharing more pictures of what I made and the completed gifts for my roommates, but I don't want to post until after we do Roomie Christmas this weekend! I did try one of these delicious items myself and it was so good!!

I ended out the day by playing volleyball with my church family and then grabbing pizza. We stopped by our favorite pizza place, Aurelio's Pizza || Bourbonnais, and we got some Chicken Bacon Alfredo. SO good!!! If you're ever in the area you should stop by! Great pizza, Great people.

So overall it was a pretty good day! I'm definitely blessed to have such wonderful people in my life!



  1. I hope it was a great birthday! Those cupcakes look delish! :)

    1. Thanks Morgan! It was pretty good! And they are wonderful! Gotta love small local bakeries :)


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