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18 September 2013

Hey everyone!!
Things have been crazy around here with getting in the swing of new classes, new schedules, new jobs, and new living arrangements to get use to.
We finally got things put together this past week in the living room and kitchen. 
It's a bit of a rainbow in the living room but it works.
(No turning down free furniture when you started with none.)

It's nothing huge or fancy, but it works well for us.

The kitchen is small, but it is such a blessing to have a kitchen to cook and bake in!
If you follow that hallway with the closets down you will come across the two bedrooms and the bathroom at the end.
It is not a huge apartment, but it is decent size for the four of us.
We are so thankful to be able to have an apartment this year while we are at school.
It is mismatched and everything, but we love it anyways!!

The pictures aren't great and it is a tad bit of a mess but this is my home for the year!
I will hopefully be able to put some pictures up of the bedrooms soon, as well as the bathroom.
Looking forward to sharing some other news with you all in a couple of days!

I hope everyone's week has been going well!
Prayers for a good day tomorrow too!!

It's Been A While...

12 September 2013

Hey everyone!!
Sorry for my absence from here for a few weeks.
There was a bunch of craziness going on with the end of my summer internship, moving into my apartment for the school year, figuring out financial aid, and the start of classes. That is just a short list.
It has been quite hectic and it seems as though I barely have time to breathe, let alone sit and write a post.
However, as things are slowly getting back into a normal routine and i'm getting over this sickness I somehow managed to catch it should become easier.
I am hoping to have a couple of posts up this coming week.
Maybe even one with some snapshots of the apartment! (if we ever finish unpacking...)

There have been some struggles, some stress, and a lot of emotional ups and downs, but also lots of assurances that God has got my back during the craziness.
I have lovely roommates, an awesome RA, and some truly incredible close friends (and 'brothers')!!
They have been such a big help and my rocks in the midst of it all.

I hope to be posting more regularly now that school is started and i'm moved in!

Bonsoir!! :)

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