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FOCUS | 2014 Word

11 February 2014

(This is very late...but i've had this planned since the beginning of January.)

After a lot of thought and consideration, I decided on my word for 2014.

My word is Focus.

One of Merriam-Webster's definitions is "a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding."
This year I want to make sure that I am focusing on all of the positive things in life.

I want to focus on strengthening my relationship with God.
I want to focus on strengthening my relationships with family.
I want to focus on strengthening my relationships with friends.
I want to focus on being intentional in my relationships.
I want to focus on sharing His love and grace to everyone I come in contact with.
I want to focus on mentoring and discipling those younger than me.
I want to focus on being a good student.
I want to focus on putting my all into my work.
I want to focus on the future and all the good in it.
I want to focus on where I am and where I am going.

I want to focus on so many things, but they are all good things.
I desire to put my focus not on little things, insignificant things, or issues from my past...
But rather on where I am, where I am going, who I am with, what I am doing, and most importantly... My relationship with my Heavenly Father and all that He is and will do through me.

So often life becomes cluttered and full, many times with good things, but sometimes there are things that fill our lives that are not so good...at least not in the amount or the way that we engage in them.
Life can get full with school commitments, whether that just be classes or all the work outside of them to prep for papers, projects, quizzes, and tests.
It can get full with church commitments, whether it be volunteering to help on Sundays, lead small groups, or coordinate some event.
It can get full with people, such as family, friends, classmates, coworkers, acquaintances, and so on.
It can get full of hobbies, such as sports, music, reading, or arts and crafts.

These are great things! They are wonderful and enjoyable, but sometimes they take up too much of our time and our lives.

There are some bad things that take up a lot of time as well, whether that be watching reality tv and soap operas for hours, partying every chance we get, or any myriad of things.
These things can be different for everyone, but the one thing in common is that they aren't good.

I want to make sure that I am focusing on those good things and taking those bad things out of my focus, but I also need to make sure that I am keeping my relationship with God in the center of my focus.
And to be honest with you all, I am not always very good at that.
All those other 'good' things get in the way.
I know God wants me to enjoy the good things, such as going to school, spending time at church, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying my hobbies.
But I also know that I often let those things take the front seat and get in the center of my focus.
I don't want to keep letting that happen.

I'm not perfect and I will definitely have my days where I let something take center stage that isn't my relationship with Him, but it is going to be a daily journey.
That is why I am making Focus my word for the year.
I want to not only focus on the good things in a more healthy manner, but more importantly make God the center of my focus in everything that I do. 

So here is to a year of refocusing and keeping life clear.
As I take the time to focus on what is important in my life I will be praying that you all are able to find time to truly focus on what is important in your lives!!


Embracing the New Year

07 February 2014

Hey everyone!
It has definitely been a while since i've posted anything, but i've been running around getting a lot of things done and schedules situated so i'm not too sorry. 
The unintentional hiatus was needed and i'm glad that I had it.
Things have been just moving along quickly so far this year and I can't believe it's almost the middle of February... Is that really possible?!
I'll be posting some new things soon, most of which are just typical beginning of the year things, albeit late, but others will be overviews on life and some things i've been pondering lately.
I look forward to sharing these things with you soon!!

For now here is a song that i've really been enjoying so far this year!! Enjoy!

Shelbi :)

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