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15 November 2014

Today is going to be a long and stressful day due to some things going on with the current roommate situation that we are hoping to remedy this evening. But I want to start off today by sharing some of my favorite things that I came across on the internet this week!

I came across this video yesterday from I Like Giving's website. It features Michael Jr., a comedian, who has changed how he views comedy. It has some funny moments, some serious moments, and some adorable moments! Take a couple minutes to watch! So...How can you be the punchline?

I absolutely love this video! It is so adorable! This guy went above and beyond for this proposal. They have a great story and you can read it and watch the video again over on Candlelight Films Website (The Perfect Proposal)!

This list of verses has been such a help this week! This was posted by one of my favorite blogs, Simply Clarke, that I read on a daily basis!! (And they are expecting a little one! So exciting!) They have been a blessing as I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety lately. If you need a little pick me up or life is making you anxious right now, head on over and read these verses for a little relieve and peace of mind!

So I couldn't find a website to link to in order to give proper credit to whoever made this image, but I know it's from Tumblr. I'm putting a link here for my 'LOL' pinterest board where I have it pinned. This just made me laugh the other day! If only I could think of things that quickly!

So those are some of the things that I have been loving this week! I am linking up with the Currently Loving Linkup hosted by The Happy Type. So click on over and check it out! Maybe even link up!

The Happy Type

Have a wonderfully fantastic weekend!
God Bless!

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  1. I LOVE that proposal video! What a lucky lady, eh?

    1. That she is!! She got herself a good one!

  2. You killed me with that proposal video. I'm such a romantic. I LOVE IT. AHH! And thank you so much for the verses. I'm kinda stressed out right now so you better believe I'm going to take any help in keeping going.

    1. It's so wonderful!! I've watched it multiple times because I love it so much! And i'm glad they were helpful. Personally they have been such a wonderful source of peace and reassurance!


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