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Say Goodbye To Yesterday... }} R.I.P. Ashley and Andrew Ford {{

So I know that I haven't been keeping up with this like I said I would, but that's going to change in the near future. I'm am going to try and get on once a week to write, more if possible. Sometimes I may not be able to, so that is why i'm not going to promise anything. I will try my hardest to get on but despite my best efforts, I may be denied a chance. So here's a quick run through of my life as of present and some of my plans for the summer.

Life has been pretty hectic lately, not to mention emotional. There has been some stuff going on with my family, although I am not at liberty to share right yet, I can tell you that it has been hard. Even so, i've been going on with life like normal.

About two weeks ago a friend of mine, Ashley Ford, died in a car accident on her way to school. She was sixteen, a sophmore in high school. She lived in Ainsworth, NE, and although she wasn't my best friend and I didn't talk to her all the time, it was still hard. I first met her when I went to NYC 2007. I'd never known her before, but we becam friends pretty fast. We talked some and happened to be around each other quite a bit due to mutual friends. I've seen her off and on in the two years since. So although she wasn't someone I was regularly around or talked to, it was hard to hear of her accident none the less. I know it must have been hard for her parents to deal with that, but what had to have been worse yet was what happened a week later. The Monday after Ashley's accident, her older brother, Andrew, was in a car accident and died as well. From what i've been told, her other brother, Adam, was driving when the accident happened. Adam was in critical condition, but went home not too long after. I can not even imagine what they are going through, but I know it must be terrible. I am continuing to pray for them, as well as other family and friends. This hit everyone hard, all the people in the community that knew Ashley and Andrew, but it hit the family the hardest. You will always be remembered Ashley and Andrew.

So due to the shock of that news, I was pretty reserved for a couple days. But thanks to a friend, who although he may not want to be mentioned, I would like to let him know that I appreciate what he said. Thanks Chase!!!

I have two more weeks of school to do. I'm going to be cramming so much bio, government, consumer math, as well as other subjects, into these coming weeks that my heads gonna be spinnin' round. I'm excited to get school over with, but not in a hurry for summer because I'm only going to have one real break all summer. I have a job for June, and rouging/detassling/clean-up crew in July. My only break will be one week in June, 6-12th, in which I will get to see all of my absolutely incredible district friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It starts with Teen Camp Saturday the 6th- Wednesday the 10th, and then District Assembly the rest of the week. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!

So there is a run down of everything that has been going on. Although this is all just a general gist and not really a detailed description, I think it will do just fine. Well now i'm going to upload some pics onto here and my facebook. So I will write next week hopefully!!

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