Monday Musings

26 January 2015

Hey everyone! I know this is a late post but bear with me. I totally just didn't get around to doing this post last week and today was crazy and I almost didn't do it again. But I decided to take a few minutes before heading to bed to share a little bit about my weekend.

For those who don't know, Saturday was my birthday. I turned 22 on Saturday. Yay! I'll be sharing some pictures tomorrow or Wednesday! I spent the day cleaning, doing laundry, baking, working on some homework and playing volleyball. It was a fairly average Saturday with a few fun things thrown in!

Sunday was pretty average but we had a pretty good discussion at youth group. I'm learning some new things, some new techniques, that I think I might like to try with the teenagers just to see if it might help them to engage with the stories from the Bible better. It's a work in progress!!

Anyways, today was a long and slightly frustrating start to the week. However, I got to spend a couple of hours this evening hanging out with and worshiping with some awesome kids. I helped out with the Children's service during Revival tonight. Oh how I love to work with kids! I was exhausted and tired before going and I came home with a new sense of energy that helped me to get some things I needed to get done done. It just reinforced my desire to really jump in full time working with kids in ministry and other settings once I am done with school. I just love them!

Well that's all for now, folks! :) I'm headed off to bed so I can start my day early tomorrow. 


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