My Jesus Would Never Be Accepted In My Church

28 June 2012

Before reading farther into this post, please take a minute to watch (or rather listen) to this video.
Take the 6 minutes, play the song and close your eyes and listen.
 Ignore all of the distractions and focus on the lyrics.
I promise you that it is worth it.
(Just in case anyone wants them:  My Jesus by Todd Agnew Lyrics )

Have you ever taken the time to realize who Jesus really is?
Who the Jesus that you serve, worship, and praise truly is?
Have you ever stopped to figure out whether you are truly following Jesus or rather a Jesus that fits your world and your life better?
Which Jesus do you serve?

Do you serve the Jesus that people paint pictures of that is perfect with brown hair and blue eyes?
The Jesus that makes you feel comfortable?
Or do you serve the Jesus that makes any others feel uncomfortable because He isn't picture perfect?
Are you following the Jesus that was beaten, whipped, and hung on the cross?

The first sounds like the Jesus that would fit our worlds her on earth, but the second sounds like the Jesus that I want to serve.
The sad part is that many Churches prefer to stay with the first.
The second is not welcome in most Churches.
There is just one problem with that.
We cannot pick which side of Jesus that we want to follow and serve.
Following and serving Him means doing so wholly.
It means that we follow the comfortable and the uncomfortable.

Ephesians 5:1-2
"Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children and live a life of love, just as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us as a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God."
We are supposed to live lives that are honoring to God. 
According to Ephesians, we should be imitating the God we say we serve.
We should be doing it everyday, all day.
Yet how many times do we go about our lives without even taking the time to think about the way that God would want us to go about our lives??
If you stop to take a look around then you would realize that our world is centered on materialism.
Even worse is when you look around and see that the church has become centered on it as well.
We want to have the big building with the fancy windows, elegant molding, and the best furnishings that can be bought on a church budget.
We are so focused on the appearance of the church that it seems as though we forget about the Church itself.
(To clarify, the church- the building and Church- the family of believers)
What would happen if we actually spent time following Jesus' footsteps and caring for the poor, the disabled, and those that can't help themselves?
What if we stepped out and conversed with, even possibly get to know, those that many in the church/Church would refer to as 'sluts', 'prostitutes', or 'hookers'?
What about the alcoholics, the drug addicts, or porn addicts?
What do you think would  happen if we started spending time with those that most consider to be less than themselves??
 It may be uncomfortable for us at first, but the difference we could make if we were to step outside of our comfort zones could be astronomical.
So why are we not doing it?
Why are we idling sitting by?

If we want to make a difference we need to have a desire to be like Jesus.
We have to be willing to be uncomfortable if that is what it takes to follow His will.
Stepping out in faith and following Him.
That is what it takes.

 (I want to go on with this but I do not want to drag it on and risk being redundant. A post in the future based on the same topic is possible though.)

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