Monday Musings // V. 2

12 January 2015

Monday has arrived once again! Another weekend has come and gone. The start of another semester of college is upon me. A new job is about to start at one of the local child care centers. Changes are happening now with even more on the way. The weekend was filled with some prep for this upcoming semester, although I didn't get everything done that I had hoped to.

I used my last weekend of Christmas Break to spend time with my church family. Church League volleyball started on Saturday and much to our surprise...We won our first game of the season!!! WOO!! Winning generally isn't our strong suit, but we played well. We joked that since we are 'batting 1000' we should just quit now before it changes! Lol! I forgot how much I enjoy getting out there and playing volleyball on Saturdays. It's so much fun. We ended the evening by grabbing dinner at Beef O' Brady's and it was delicious.

Yesterday we started up Journey Live (youth group) for the new year and since I was the only leader in town I was in charge of leading lesson. We covered the Birth of John the Baptist. As a church plant our youth group is generally fairly small in size, but I really tried to encourage them to reach out to their friends and invite them. They were really talkative tonight about school and such and it was fun to listen to them. Next week I really want to ask them some pointed questions about this semester and some things they would like to do or are looking forward to.

I also found this awesome looking app for children & youth ministry called Lead Small and I am excited to start using it with JourneyLive and the preschool small group I lead. I'm excited to see what all it can do. If you lead a small group any range from preschool through high school you should check it out! It looks like a great tool!

Now I am off to visit the Financial Aid and Registrar office and to get one last medical test before starting my new job. Here's to another week!

Have a wonderful Monday!
God Bless!


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