London Calling

19 February 2012

Well it has been a while since I posted on here, but I am thinking that this may become my main way of sharing what is on my mind and what is happening in my life everyday or at least weekly.

Things have been going good, but they get busy and tiring at times. With five classes on Mondays and Wednesdays, one on Thursday, and three on Fridays, it can get crazy. However, I have noticed that by having Tuesdays and pretty much all day Thursday off that I rarely see anyone and I tend to sit in the dorm and do homework. I feel like I am being very antisocial this semester. This drives me crazy. I am trying to work on it, but it is hard. It is also getting close to being mid-way through the semester already which is crazy to think about. It seems like we just got back and in just two and a half months we will all be leaving again. I do not know what to think about the fact that this first year will be over so quickly. I do not know what to think about any of it. It is all coming to an end so fast. There have been so many crazy times this year and I am sure many more to come in the next couple months.

The last few weeks I have been constantly getting this feeling about eventually doing an internship and working overseas, particularly in London or Paris. This seems crazy to many people but it is something that I have considered seriously before and I feel like it has been drawn to my attention even more these days. I am praying about it and if it is a God thing and a part of His will then it will happen on His terms when it is supposed to happen. I have been looking at internships for the summer after my sophmore year of college and trying to pick the best one. I find this to be something rather exciting to think about and ponder about. I see pictures all over my other blog from London and Paris and it makes me long to be there again so much. I have only ever been to Paris but it was incredible and I would take any chance I could to go there again. I am curious to see what He holds for me in the coming years and if maybe this is a part of His plan for my life. I feel that if it is then it will happen when it is supposed to and how it is supposed to.

Hmm, a lot to think about but something very exciting as well...

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