Weekend In Review

03 November 2014

This weekend was kind of slow but also kind of busy. I let myself relax on Friday and Saturday which was much needed. I also got to enjoy watching our first official snowfall! The weather has been crazy around here and I have been waiting for it to start snowing. The ironic thing is that it was 60 some degrees today. Go figure.

First snowfall...not much but it is still something!
Saturday I went and did a little bit of shopping. I got a new coat, a new maxi skirt, part of a Christmas present for one of my roommates, and what I needed for a lingerie party that is coming up this Saturday. It was a good morning. I then came back and was excited to watch Nebraska play Purdue, only to find that the game was blacked out on my tv. I was a little frustrated but I still represented by wearing NE colors. And we won the game for an 8-1 record!!
Sunday was a hard day as it was Jill and the kids last Sunday at Journey. They are moving on Friday afternoon. Just for fun we took some group pics in JourneyTots. These are what I got...

 It started out okay with the exception of Elijah who wasn't having any of the whole 'group pics' thing haha. The last picture was kind of the culmination! Love these kids!

For youth group we ended up going bowling with JourneyKids. It was fun!! These kids are crazy but totally awesome. We did Bible study in the bus because they wanted to. It was chilly but we had a good conversation!

I didn't have time to change so I wore my maxi skirt. Lol! It was kind of weird to bowl in a skirt, but hey it worked. Two of our teens brought friends which was awesome. I might share a video or two of their bowling styles later! :)
Overall it was a great weekend!! The week has started out kinda crazy with an onslaught of information, so I am glad to have had a relaxed weekend.
How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting?
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