It's A Monday

17 November 2014

This GIF fits so perfectly! It is indeed a Monday and it hasn't been a half bad one either. If you haven't seen this video by Olan Rogers you can check it out here. (If you're uncomfortable with the topic of poop [yep, I said it] then you might want to avoid it...) I love this video and this line has been going through my head.
This weekend didn't hold any huge significance with the exception of the fact that we split the bedrooms in the apartment. This was an attempt at lessening the tension that was present. So Ellie and I are in one room and the other two are in the other room. The ironic thing is that it got more tense right after, but it seems like it is getting better now. Except that no one is ever in the living room... This is the opposite of what was supposed to happen. Oh well. Ethan came over, as well as a couple of other friends, and we moved furniture and got pizza. Not a highly exciting Saturday evening, but there were some good laughs amidst the tension.
Yesterday was youth group and we ended up at Starbucks enjoying their Holiday Drinks. I went for a peppermint mocha (surprise, surprise for a white girl, eh). We spent our time discussing prayer and the format that is presented by Jesus in the Lord's Prayer. The teens have some good thoughts on it and it allowed us leaders to help straighten out some of the things they were confused about. It was all around a good time!
I also got out my guitar this weekend and I am striving to play about 20mins a day in hopes of getting my chords down, as well as some basic strumming patterns. I am excited to actually get to playing!!
I will also be going on a trip the end of this week and I will be sharing more about that later this week!
Enjoy Olan and Have a great day!
God Bless!

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