A Letter...// The Betts Family

08 November 2014

Dear Nate, Jill & kids,

     This last month has been filled with laughs, stories, memories being made, plenty of tears, and goodbyes said multiple times by the same people. The announcement that you were moving south was exciting to hear, but also sad on another hand. The last month has provided adjustment time as we have been allowed time to come to terms with the fact that you are now gone. Although if we were being honest, a month was not enough time but then again no length of time would have been.

     It is weird to think that as I sit and type this you are settling into the new house and getting ready to get a new routine set up. With visiting family in town on Friday I was not able to come say goodbye in person before Jill and the kids headed out. I was upset about it but I could not change it. So here is a short letter to all four of you.

    Just over three years ago I had no idea what life would be like here. I didn't know who I would know or who would be a significant part of my life. Yet looking back there are so many people that have come into my life, including all of you. It is hard to pinpoint the exact point in time that your family because such an important and consistent part of my life. I think it really started Spring 2012. 

    As I look back over these last couple of years I can't count on two hands the number of stories and memories I could share. The number of days spent at your home for a variety of things. Coming with the guys to help move things or do some cleaning. Late evenings talking about life and sharing individual experience. Early mornings doing set up for church and lunch after we packed it all up. Trips to Union Station when I overslept my alarm during Christmas break. Being in the same small groups. This list could go on. 

     Then there is the incredible blessing of being able to be involved in the life of the kids. Kallie and Keegan have been such a blessing in my life! I have absolutely enjoyed getting to watch them grow up and hit all kinds of milestones over the last couple of years. They may look alike but their personalities are different and so much fun! Kallie with her sassy, 'hands-on-her-hip' independence and Keegan with his spunk and energy. I love those two so much and I am going to miss getting to invest in their lives!

     Nate & Jill, I couldn't list all of the ways that you both have made an impact on my life. You have both invested so much time in me and I can't say how blessed I have been by both of you. Your relationship, your marriage has been a great example for not only me, but many of the other college students. An example of what a loving, caring, Christ-centered relationship/marriage looks like. You have welcomed me and so many others into your home on the good days and the bad days. Getting the opportunity to live life with you and the kids has been so great. You have been such a support and encouragement over these last couple of years.

     While goodbyes are never easy, even when they are temporary, I know that it isn't forever. It isn't going to be easy to realize that you're not just 10-15 minutes away and that you won't be around on Sundays. Yet I know that there are some great things ahead for you. I have no doubt that God has a wonderful plan for your family. I am praying for you as you make the transition there and get settled in. I'm praying for God's guidance, peace, strength, and joy as you make your life down there.

     I am so excited to see what God has in store for you all! It is going to be fun to watch through pictures and Facebook posts. So thankful for your presence in my life! 

I wish you the best! God bless!
Love you,

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