Just Needed To Share Something

24 July 2012

Ok, so I just wanted to share something and thought this was the perfect place.

This week we are doing Block Parties at parks throughout the community.
We have been joined this week by a missions team from Arkansas (about 30 people).
Patrick had quite a day yesterday organizing everything with the team throughout the day as well as getting things ready for the Block Party last night.
So after he came and got me we headed back to the park.
We get there and the mission team is out there just having a blast with everything.
They had different booths set up with various things.
They had a tent set up where Faith was doing balloon animals (and other things) and Naomi and some of the other girls were doing face painting.
Jerry was all about doing the cotton candy. Well at least he was when he wasn't going around to other booths and talking with us and the kids that were there.
Justin had a game set up and so did Jessica.
There were hot dogs, popcorn, and sno cones.
There was music going. (And some dancing every now and then as well.)
It was a great time getting to talk with some of the people from the neighborhood and even getting a chance to get better acquainted with the mission team from Arkansas.

Being me, I was watching the different people come and go and kinda watching how long they were lingering around and talking to people.
There was one couple that was there who i'd been watching, and apparently so had some of the Arkansas mission team.
This couple had gotten there when it started and they were definitely lingering.
I grabbed a card with some of our info and a little map of our location and then headed on over to talk to them some more.
I sat down and got to talking with them again.
Made some connections with them through Olivet, as well as through where we were from.
We then got to talking about some random things and then he asked me how I got connected with Journey Church.
So I told him how I started coming and how I really started getting involved.
I talked a little about the summer mission team.
And then he surprised me by sharing some of his church history.
As he shared that and I talked to him a little more about Journey, it was clear that he was interested in Journey and thinking about coming to church.
They both seemed very interested in the church and said they'd really like to check it out.

Talk about the whole crazy day being worth it.
And like Patrick made a point of, those two people may never have even considered going to church, specifically speaking ours, if we hadn't sat down and talked with them for two hours.
That process of building a relationship with them and building trust with them is what opens the doors to get them interested in the church and interested in learning more about God.
It was such a great opportunity to get to know them!
Seeing them warm up to us and to the possibility of coming to church as we were sitting there talking was incredible.
I'm praying that God will be working in their hearts this week through the seed that we planted last night.
And even if we don't see them at church, at least we know that we made an impact in there lives.
And that is why we are doing this.
That is what we are all about.

The devil may have tried to tear everyone down all day, but in the end God prevailed.
God was moving and He will continue to move this week!

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