God Only Knows

11 July 2012

You hear all about relationships these days.
Boyfriends & girlfriends, people who live together, friends with benefits, and on and on.
Some of these relationships, particularly boyfriend/girlfriend relationships, are encouraged at young ages these days.
Kids in elementary school think it is normal to have those relationships at those young ages.
I am not sure when this became acceptable for kids, let alone when adults started encouraging it.
I do know however that it is something that has been asked of me more times than I will ever be able to count in my lifetime.

The question of whether or not I had a boyfriend was asked off me throughout middle school and high school by family members and people from church.
The answer was always no however, since I never did date anyone.
Even if I had wanted to in middle school or the first two years of high school I couldn't have.
Why couldn't I have dated someone at that point?
Because my mom was strict about the rule of no dating before I was 16.
Not that it mattered much seeing as I didn't date anyone my last two years of high school either.
I got a lot of flack for it, but there wasn't any time for a boyfriend and there wasn't anyone in town that I would have even considered.
It wasn't necessarily that I didn't want to have a boyfriend, but rather that I was preoccupied with family issues and there were not many Christian guys in my town.
Although I managed to get through high school without people worrying about it, that didn't seem to last long after I left for college last August.
You wouldn't believe the number of people who asked if I was dating someone once I got to college.
Literally within the first two weeks my mom was already getting asked about it.
And the fact that I wasn't dating someone and still am not just about blows people's minds.
I have a group of friends that I hand out with and in that group there are only two couples.
My mom gets weird looks and questions from people about whether she is ok with that situation, and if so, why she finds it ok.

This just does not make much sense to me.
All people are worried about is whether or not I am dating someone.
Why doesn't someone ask about how things with school or church are going??
All this focus on dating makes it really hard to be ok with the fact that you're not dating anyone.
Even more so when it seems like everyone else is.
Why so much pressure for me to date someone?

I feel content to wait for God to bring the right man into my life, but it seems as though no one else is content to wait for that to happen.
God's timing is always perfect and I have no doubt it will be in this situation as well.
It is just hard to trust Him when everyone is constantly pushing.
They encourage trusting God, yet at the same time want to push me to date someone just because.
I feel like it is fairly contradicting.

Yes, I think it would be nice to date someone and have someone to share life with.
However, I do not think that I would make the correct choice in who to date if I were the one making the choice of which guy to date.
I also feel like I need to be content with myself and my walk with God before I get into a relationship.
I feel like i'm in that place but God hasn't brought a guy into my life who has made a move towards dating me.
Maybe there is a chance somewhere in the near future.
Maybe not for a few years down the road.
I am just waiting for God's timing.
He knows when the right guy will come along and He will make it work.
It is all about trusting in His will and perfect timing.
God has a plan for my life and my future relationships that I can't even imagine and I am extremely curious to know what His plan is.

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