Late Night Ramblings

11 July 2012

I know I posted earlier today but I just feel the need to share on here since there isn't really anyone here for me to talk to at the moment.

My mind has been going non-stop for several days now and about some of the same things over and over and over.
I do not know what to do about these things.
Some of them really are not worth contemplating so much at the present moment, while others probably are not worth the contemplation but I cannot help it.
I really just wish I had someone here to talk to about it all.
Someone with which to have a serious conversation for once.
I miss having those serious conversations about life.
Those are always some of the best memories and the best conversations.
You can learn a lot of things about someone when you have those serious conversations about life.

Well, I could rant on about how much I miss serious conversations but I do not want to bore those of you who actually make an effort to read my blog these days.
Also I have an early morning tomorrow as I am getting up at 6am in order to beat the other 15 people to the showers.
And i'm going to start the day with some French Toast Casserole.
I can't wait for the morning.
It's going to be a crazy day hanging out in Downtown St. Louis.
The Arch is on our list of activities for the afternoon along with a couple of other things in the area around there.

So as much as I would like to keep talking, I am going to cut this off and head to bed.
I definitely need the sleep and I am sure it won't come easy.

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