We Got A Lot Of "Stars" Here

13 July 2012

There are just days when I wonder why I didn't decided to be an Early Education major or some other such thing.
(Although it usually doesn't last long...)
I absolutely love kids!! And my cousins are no exception!!
They say some of the craziest things and can make you laugh even when you don't want to.
It was the perfect way to end a long hectic day that was only a hint of what today was like.

We were riding in the car on the way back from seeing Aladdin at The Muny and my cousin Hadley was riding in the car along with my cousins Alex & Vanessa, and myself.
Vanessa recently went on a trip to Rwanda and she came up with some code words.
I won't share a lot of details as to what they refer to, but basically there are three levels.

Gold Star= Good
Silver Star= Okay
Bronze Star= Bad
Hadley caught onto it quite quickly.
(She didn't hesitate at all to refer to Justin Beiber as a Bronze Star.)
She then proceeded to use these terms through out our conversation in the car.
I also got her saying sad cheese.
I must say that this was quite funny to hear.
I am also quite surprised by the words that Hadley knows at her age.
(She was regularly using discombobulated in conversation. As well as words such as irrational.)
Hadley is crazy smart and has an incredible for someone her age.

After a late night (got back around 12:30am), we had an early morning.
(It wouldn't have been so bad had I not woke up every 20mins all night.)
We left my grandparents house with the little kids at 7:30-7:45 this morning to head to the St. Louis Zoo in Forest Park.
The reason we went so early was so that we could get in to pet the Sharks and Sting Rays.
It was free to pet them for the first hour.
We probably spent around 45mins or so petting and feeding the Sting Rays.
I think I may have enjoyed it more than the kids.
We then walked around the Zoo until 11:30ish.

Grabbed a bite at Pappy's Smokehouse.
(Amazing BBQ!!!!)
Some people proceeded to go see the Cathedral Basilica.

I however am completely worn out and am in need off a break from all of the people and noise so I came back to my grandparents house for the afternoon early evening.
I don't know that it is going to be of much good to me seeing as everyone is going to be coming back here soon, but it sounded like a good idea at the time.
I may go all recluse and hide in the basement for a couple hours.
There may be a trip to the City Museum after dinner.
My energy level may be a little to low to handle the trip to the "Glorified Playground" later.
All in all it has been a crazy couple of days so far and a crazy couple to go yet.

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