Fall Break + Steak Dry Rub

17 October 2014

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Hey y'all! This post is coming to you a little late. This week ended up being crazier than I thought, so I put the blog on the back burner. But here I am to share with you a little bit of what my Fall Break consisted of this past weekend. The above picture is about what everything looked like this weekend. Falling leaves and rain.
Fall Break is the most looked forward to weekend of the fall semester. It's that four day weekend right before midterms. It is a glorious break from commitment for most. I never leave campus during fall break, but my roommates always do, so I get to spend four days in an empty dorm/apartment. This year was no different. 
My roommates all left by 3pm on Friday and I relished in the peace & quiet of an empty apartment. I had been craving the solitude for weeks. I curled up on the couch with a blanket and a book. I spent Friday in my apartment from 3pm until 11:30am on Saturday. Haha talk about being anti-social! I watched movies throughout Friday evening. I also got out for a walk and it was wonderful to walk around campus in the dark, enjoying the quiet, unhurried pace. 
Saturday I had lunch with a family from church so I could see their house and meet the animals before house sitting of them this weekend. It was good to get off campus for a little bit. That evening I babysat for another couple at church. I got to enjoy some quality time with Noah and Elijah. 
Noah practicing to be Donatello for Halloween
Noah was showing off his awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle moves on Saturday evening! He is so ready for Halloween and trick-or-treating. Elijah was just a bundle of laughs all evening and was thoroughly entertained by his big brother. Enjoy this short clip of him smiling as his brother was smiling at him and showing him his moves!
These two are absolutely adorable and such a blessing! So glad I got to spend some time with them!
Sunday was fairly typical with church minus the fact that we did a stripped down set-up. So we didn't unpack everything which was nice. It did throw some people off guard when they walked in though. Youth group ended up being cancelled because all of the students were busy. I ended up just relaxing some more and it was wonderful!
I did a little grocery shopping on Monday, but decided to treat myself and bought a steak to cook. I wasn't sure how I would like a steak from Kroger but decided to try it. I found a rub on Pinterest to use. It was quite wonderful, although I did figure out the cooking time I like on our stove using my cast iron skillet.
I got the dry rub recipe here.
Spices in the dry rub

Cooking up the sirloin steak
Once it was finished
Sirloin Steak, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy, Creamed White Corn...Delish!
I absolutely enjoyed my treat meal that I made! It was so yummy! I made extra dry rub for other meats. I recommend it!
Tuesday was a day spent catching up on things and trying to clean up some before everyone came back home. I did do observation hours at a daycare center on Monday & Tuesday morning. Only 1 1/2 hours left this semester. YAY! :)
Popcorn & homework on Tuesday evening
So there is a brief recap of my Fall Break. It was a much needed weekend that didn't even begin to give me enough time to catch up on everything. Haha, oh well! Now classes are back in full swing and my schedule is swamped. Ah, the normal rhythm of life.
Have a great night!
God Bless!
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