God works in amazing ways!!

05 June 2012

Hm, life seems like a crazy whirlwind right now.
The summer has gone by so fast already, yet at the same time it seems to be going so slow.
I still have a hard time believing that it is already June.
Absolute craziness if you ask me.

Work is just work.
I can't say that cleaning for eight hours Monday through Friday is exciting.
But the people I work with definitely make those eight hours quite entertaining for me.
I would not like going to work if it were not for those on my team.
I have two amazing ladies for team leaders, Susie and Dawn :)
And regularly the students on the team are Ethan, Robensky, Karen, and I.
However, we have had a few additions the last week or two, such as Emily, Adrian, and Geoff.
Getting to work with various people has definitely been a learning experience.
I have also enjoyed getting to know everyone.
It amazes me how varied all of our personalities are.
I am just curious to see what God may have planned this summer because I have not doubt that those of us who are working this summer are not here by coincidence. 
We are all here for a reason and God knows what those reasons are.

I also feel like God has definitely brought me into a church that is more than willing to welcome me into their groups and surround me this summer.
I am highly grateful for all of the wonderful people at church that God has put in my life.
I am truly excited to see what He has planned this summer with my involvement in my church.
I have no doubt it will be amazing!!
His plans tend to be just that :)

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