Good Food, Tickets, & Good Company {Friday Blog Hop}

25 May 2013

Hey everyone!!
This post is coming a little bit late for Friday, but I wanted to wait until after this evening to post.
A couple friends of mine have birthdays this month, one yesterday (24th) and one next week.
We decided to do one combined outing for their birthdays and tonight was the chosen night for this.

We ventured up to Orland Park and spent the first couple hours hanging at the mall.
Our next stop for the evening was Dave & Busters.
It was a new experience for almost everyone who went.

From left: Trent, Malik, Chad, Caleb, Rachel, Me, Caitlin, & Rozy is taking the picture.
The two birthdays belong to the two farthest to the left...Trent & Malik.
This was right after we got to D & B's and ordered.

Rachel, Rozy, & Me
A handful of pictures were taken along with some Vines.
It was a great time to just talk with everyone about life and the upcoming summer.
There was also a slight debacle over who is better...Cubs or Reds?

Our food came after a short while and everyone else had normal sized plates of food.
Except for me that is.
I ordered what looked like an average sized chef salad thing called 'The Lawnmower'.
This is what came...

 This seems fairly okay from this angle, although it still seems big.
But when taken from a different angle it looks so much bigger.
This was a shot that apparently is a must have when you have such a large plate...

Super classy right??
This is definitely not one of the best pictures of me ever.
There were all kinds of things on this salad.
There were red & green peppers, onions, bacon bits, blue cheese crumbles, chicken, avocado, radishes, tomatoes, and hard boiled eggs, all on tome of romaine lettuce.
This was like the ultimate chef salad.
With the raspberry vinaigrette good!!!
It took a bit but I was determined to finish the whole thing...

All gone!!
It really wasn't as much food as you might think.
With it being lettuce with all the toppings, it really wasn't too heavy.
It was so good and it was very filling.
Definitely a good choice!!

The guys got a brownie sundae to share and after that we headed to the arcade.
We spent a couple hours just wandering around and playing different games.
I personally did not get a card to play any games but it was fun to just walk around with everyone.
There were lots of tickets won and therefore a lot of time spent in the gift shop.
One the 10pm mark rolled around you could tell everyone was starting to get tired.
The kids were getting cranky, headaches were coming, and all of us adults were yawning like crazy.
We packed up and headed out.
Tried to stop for some ice cream at Culver's, only to find out they close at 10.
Sad cheese :(

Oh well, it was still a great night of celebration.
It was a long ride home, but Malik's girlfriend Bri called.
So I got to talk with her for a few minutes which was awesome.
I miss that girl like crazy and wish she was down here instead of up in Michigan.

So that was the biggest event of my day.
I did have a big moment just before all of this when I was at the church office.
I was alone and I didn't realize that there was a way to let the other people sharing the building know someone was in the office.
It turned out that while I was doing my thing everyone from the other side of the building left.
When they did so they not only locked up their side of the building, but also turned on the building alarm.
Not knowing this I walked out to the main part of the office to throw something away and was startled when alarms started going off.
I texted my pastor and he told me he was on his way, to stay there and the police would be there soon.
Little did I know that I wouldn't be able to let them into the building.
The main door is deadbolted, but you have to have a key to unlock it from outside and inside.
Turns out you have to use the window as an access point.
All in all it was turned off and everything was fine.
It was just craziness and a bit nerve racking not being able to fix it right away.
It was a fun first adventure in the church office for the summer.
I also found out that if you turn on the light in the main part of the office then other people don't turn on the alarm system and then lock you in the building.
Who would have guessed?

Anyways, those were the highlights of my day.
I also ended up coming across a blog hop today.
It is a pretty awesome blog hop that is based on Bloglovin'.
There is a link up on the right in my sidebar.
It goes back to Bloglovin', but if you search 'Let's be friends Bloglovin' hop' in Google then it will bring up a ton of blogs who host this blog hop.
I was able to connect with a couple new blogs this week and look forward to meeting more next week!!

Well that's all for now!
Happy Friday/Early Saturday!!

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