The End Is Only The Beginning

05 January 2013

Just to start off...
Someone needs to remind me why I make it a habit to take the train to and from school.
This place is absolutely crazy right now.
The fact that there are delays and extra people is making the layover not so enjoyable.
Oh well.

So a quick recap on break: 
I went to Hastings for a week and a half and then went to St. Louis for just over a week.
It seems like it would be rather uneventful but it was quite the opposite.
The time in Hastings was not supper eventful, but I did have fun with my kids.
Took them outside one day and we painted the snow with a mix of food coloring and water.
They thought it was the best thing ever and were all smiles. :)
I managed to avoid any and all contact with my 'father' the whole time that I was in Hastings (not that it is hard).
A couple days after Christmas we got on the road to head to St. Louis. 
Unfortunately we never made it farther than an hour away.
We ran into a problem with the car and ended up going back to Hastings to have it checked out.
So after waiting all afternoon hoping that we could get back on the road later int he day only to get a call from the mechanic with some not so great news about the engine on the van.
Turns out the engine was shot.
We were not going to go to St. Louis...or so it seemed.
We ended up finding a vehicle to borrow and were on our way the next afternoon.
A long day on the road and some craziness got us to my grandparents that night.
There were about 25 people or so at my grandparents for the New Years weekend and 9 dogs, including a new puppy.
It was straight craziness but it was pretty good to see everyone.
Everyone hit the road on New Years Day except my mom who left the next day.
I finally got a couple days to relax after everyone headed out.
I stayed in bed most the day Thursday and then just laid around doing nothing the rest of the day.
Friday provided a chance to hang out with a couple friends.

Friday I ended up going into the city for a couple hours with McKenzie.
We went to the Science Center and kind of just walked around and talked for a while.
We ended up just sitting in his car in the church parking lot by my grandparents house talking for about 2 1/2hrs.
I have to say that just sitting and talking was probably more entertaining than the Science Center.
Those chances to just talk about a variety of subjects, from serious to laugh out loud funny, are some of the best.
I definitely think they are the more memorable moments.

After a great day in the city with McKenzie I met up with Kimmy to go to a movie in Fairview.
We missed the first showing and ended up grabbing dinner and then catching the later showing. 
We talked for a little bit before she left after getting to my grandparents.
Ending on the note of how much i'm going to get razzed by the guys when I get to Bourbonnais.
I don't really care if they give me crap, at least it feels a little more justified as the days go on.

But anyways, there is a quick overview of break.
Hopefully I get a regular post up sometime before classes start on Tuesday.

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