Prayers for the Coleman Family

28 August 2015

This isn't the kind of post that I wanted to come back with but I do want to share a prayer request with you for some family friends.

Yesterday evening I got the news that there had been a horrible tragedy in a family that we have been friends with since I was a small child. They have suffered a huge loss.
On Wednesday night their 12 year old son, Gabe, took his own life.

Picture from mom's FB page

At this point no details have been shared and no one knows why he did this. It was a complete shock to all. So many people have been wrapping around their family and showering them in love and prayers in this difficult time. All are asking the one question that we may never get an answer for...


There must have been some kind of hurt deep in his heart that he was struggling with and managed to keep hidden. What we don't know is what that hurt was. What we do know is that Gabe was deeply loved by his mom and dad. He was deeply loved by his seven siblings. He was deeply loved by his grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. He was loved by his church family.

Photo from JoLynn Coleman's FB page

This situation has been heartbreaking for so many and few know the pain of losing a child in this manner. We can understand that the pain is unimaginable. All we can do is lift the family up in prayer as they walk through this situation. The grief is heavy now and the stages of processing and healing with be difficult and different for everyone. May we pray that God's hand be on each and every member of the family throughout the days, weeks, and months ahead. May we pray for comfort and peace in the midst of so much doubt and uncertainty. May we pray for strength and discernment as mom and dad explain to the younger kids and help them walk through this situation as well. 

Sadly there have been many, many hateful and cruel comments and messages sent to the family about why Gabe did this and how they played a part in this. Their mom posted a screenshot of one of those very messages this morning as an example of the things that people have been sending them along with a brief explanation of the hiatus she is taking from Facebook due to these things.The message was cruel and the person was telling them that they knew the family had played a part in killing him. It was just so cruel.

May we pray that they are surrounded by a hedge of protection, especially the children, in the midst of so much negativity and cruelty being aimed at them. May we pray that they are continuously surrounded by people who will love them, pray for them and be the strength they need in the coming days. May God help to keep their eyes on Him and not let all of the cruel and negative things blur their vision. May they remember Gabe for the amazingly smart and talented, Godly young man that he was. May God use this situation to bring about much greater things. 

It is so sad to know that this precious boy was hurting so bad somewhere inside of him that he felt the need to take his own life. It is hard to process how someone so young can feel that way. Yet we see it happen in our world all the time. It is just hard to see it happen to someone you know, to a family you know well. While words fail more often than not I simply pray that God is with everyone and that He provides to each individual what they need to get through this situation.

To read more about their family and to read more about Gabe and his other siblings' adoption stories you can head on over to their family blog, The Coleman Crowd. Please continue to join me in prayer for this family in the days ahead.

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