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02 December 2015

I can't believe it has almost been four months since my last post. I had a lot of things planned for this space during this semester but life had other plans for me. It has been a very busy semester with a lot going on. I'll try to hit some key details in this post and then put some posts up with some more details later on. 

If you did not know already, I am a super senior or a fifth year student this year. I walked in May and received my diploma in August for my Child Development degree but had a handful of classes left for my Christian Education degree. I only have four classes this semester but they ended up being more work than I anticipated. SO much reading!! I just finished my Spanish class this morning and it is so nice to be done with a class already. I'm kinda nervous about how I did though. The last chapter was a tough one. I have two pretty big projects due next week though and so I will likely be antisocial the rest of this week and next because of that. I'm excited about the one project, my Youth Ministry Portfolio/Resource Binder, and may end up sharing that on here.

Part of being a fifth year student meant that my housing situation was able to change. I was not keen on the idea of rooming with three people I did not know in an apartment and even less thrilled about the possibility of going back down to the dorm. So in the spring I started to look into options off-campus since I had the option. It made since for me to get out of campus housing since I am technically a post-grad even though I am finishing an undergrad degree. So after filing a petition to live off campus and it getting approved, I moved into a small house just across the street from campus.

If you follow me on Instagram you likely saw this picture back at the end of July. This was taken on move-in day. There are some full shots of the house on Instagram so you can head on over there to see them or wait a few days and I will get some up here. It has been so nice to not have to worry about all of the rules of living in campus housing and not having to find a place to stay for every holiday. It really is in the perfect location and we got a great deal on rent. Now I just wish I could afford to set it up the way I wish I could! 

Along with being in my first home, I also just recently got a vehicle of my own. By recently I mean last week. Haha! Got it insured but it sure is hard to do so for the first time. They sure don't make it easy! I am still in the process of getting it registered and such. I don't have a single picture of it yet but will soon. It is a '99 Honda Civic. Nothing fancy but it gets far better mileage than the truck I have been driving, that's for sure!!

For those who don't know, which I think is pretty much everyone, my sister is having a baby. Baby S should be here soon. My mom, sister, and I have been working to make sure that she has the basics that she needs for S's wardrobe. The situation has not been ideal so the celebration and/or support has not been quite what it would have been otherwise. So family is really doing what they can to make sure my sister has what she needs. Everyone has been trying to help her prepare mentally and emotionally as well but we aren't sure how much she is actually paying attention. We will just have to see when baby gets here.

So there are the three biggest things this semester. There has been a lot of other things going on that were not as big and maybe I will share about them soon. I'm currently just trying to get a second job and get some extra money coming in. Seems like everything hit at once right now and I am still recovering from almost a month without a check this fall. It's been...interesting.

Anyways, I should get back to Western Civilization lecture. Looking forward to sharing more soon about life as well as the book challenge I'm going to try and do this winter!

God Bless!

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