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27 September 2014

This year I decided to start a Good Reads book challenge. My goal is to read 50 books by the end of the year. As of right now I have read 14 of those. That means the next couple of months are going to be full of reading, which will be somewhat easier because of everything I am reading for classes at the moment. I'm hoping that I will be able to make it to 50, but with my schedule I might fall a bit short. But hey, there's three months left!

Today I just want to share with you the books i'm reading and a little bit of what I think so far. So here are five of those books.

1. A Holy Enounter: Meeting God in His Word by Carl M. Leth
      I am currently reading this book for my Christian Theology class. This book was written by my professor, Dr. Carl Leth. This book is meant to be used as a devotional, but for class we are reading it in chapters and then reflecting on the theological issues or topics that are talked about. It is interesting to read it from that angle, but I also think that it would be a great devotional for anyone who wants to really meet with God while reading and studying His Word.

2. An Altar in the World: A Geography of Faith by Barbara Brown Taylor
      This is a book that I just happened to come across in the bookstore on campus. After reading the description on the inside of the cover I knew it was something that I wanted to read. I just started it and haven't gotten too far into it with class reading, but so far I am really enjoying it. It's all about learning or acknowledging the ways that we can encounter God outside of the walls of the church. I am really looking forward to learning about what Barbara Taylor has to say!

3. Our Babies, Ourselves: How Biology and Culture Shape the Way We Parent by Meredith F. Small
       I know this is a weird book to be reading since I am not a mother, but it's for a class. This book is not written from a Christian outlook which is something that still gets me at times while I am reading, especially when it comes to the parts that talk about evolution. However, this book has some interesting points about how we raise our children and how other cultures raise their children. I am only a couple chapters in at the moment, but I look forward to the rest of this book and sharing my thoughts with you.

4. Coming to Peace with Science: Bridging the Worlds Between Faith and Biology by Darrel R. Falk
      I am reading this book for my General Biology class. At first I thought this might just be a boring book that was just a requirement for an assignment, but as a started reading I really have become interested in what it has to say. I have only gotten through the foreword, preface, and chapter 1, but so far this book seems to really make a great argument for the integration of faith and science, or as the title states, a way to bridge the gap between the two. They don't need to be mutually exclusive. I am looking forward to this read.

5. Soul Feast: An Invitation to the Christian Spiritual Life by Marjorie J. Thompson
      While this book is for another one of my class, Spiritual Formation, it also seems to be a great book. I am three chapters in and have so far enjoyed the information that Mrs. Thompson has to share about spiritual disciplines. I also enjoyed the foreword which happened to be written by a great author whom I also enjoy, Henri Houwen. I am looking forward to how this book will impact my spiritual life.

So there are the five books that I am currently reading. I look forward to sharing book review with you about these books. I also have some other books that I will be doing review of in the next month or so while I finish these and some others.

Have you read any of these books? What books are you currently reading?
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