"You're Killing Me Smalls!" || Weekend In Review

10 June 2014

As I sit here reminiscing about this past weekend I have the privilege to listen to church band practice. The guys in that room who play for us are truly talented and it sounds great! They are currently working on figuring out all the chords for the song Cornerstone by Hillsong. If you don't know this song you should definitely check it out here! It is a great song and I am enjoying listening to them practice this song along with others.

This weekend was pretty full and we were going almost non-stop, especially on Sunday. We didn't have anything going on Saturday during the day, but that evening we had a softball game. Originally we were supposed to drive almost 40mins in order to play a team that lives about 10mins from us. Crazy!! Luckily someone had a bit of common sense and changed the schedule and we were able to play on a field in town. This made the evening so much shorter in regards to the game and allowed us to spend more time fellowshipping together after the game. We all headed over to Beef O'Brady's to grab some dinner and just enjoy each other's company for a while. It was a great night!

This lead quickly into a very early Sunday morning. I woke up without the aide of an alarm clock around 3:40...and I wasn't too thrilled about it. However, I got up and got ready for the day. We were in town and unloading trailers by 6am. There was one plus to this Sunday that made getting up that early worth it. Seeing as we are a church plant we set up and tear down everything every Sunday morning. This means that we have early mornings and a little longer time getting out afterwards. The school that we set up in decided to help us out this summer by allowing us a totally awesome opportunity. We don't have to set up again for 10 weeks!!! YAY!! :) While we would have gotten up and set up every Sunday all summer if we had to this is a welcomed break for everyone. 

Church went well and we transitioned straight from service to prepping for our JourneyKids event that evening and our first Super Summer activity, a Community Movie Night. We were gathering our supplies and then doing set up for the evening. We spent a couple hours setting up our movie screen, picking up popcorn and helping trim hedges. We went straight from there to our Kids event with a car load of kids. Two hours of games, small groups, bible lessons, worship, and of course, food. It was fun and we have gotten some more kids coming to JourneyKids since we are doing it on Sunday evenings now. It is awesome to see how it grown in just two weeks and how excited the kids are!!

After JourneyKids we loaded up the church bus and one other vehicle with kids and took them over to the movie night. We watched a good ol' classic...The Sandlot. There were several kids and adults who hadn't seen the movie and it was so funny to watch them watch it! It was a cool evening, but not uncomfortable. We had lawn chairs and blankets set up in Mike & Amy's lawn and popcorn all around. It was a great night with some awesome people!! I'm definitely looking forward to our other two movie nights this summer!

After all of that we had yesterday off to recoup and get ready to take on the week. I was up and doing absolutely nothing productive with my live. Sometimes that kind of day is just needed lol! A friend and fellow intern decided that it was a good day to sleep in...until 5pm. I'm still trying to figure out how someone can sleep that long! He slept for 17hrs. Seventeen straight hours. That's ridiculous. But as long as he is rested I guess. Last night we headed to BDubs (a.k.a. Buffalo Wild Wings) to play Late Shift Trivia and hang out. It was definitely fun! 

There was something else that really hit me this weekend but i'll save that for a post later this week. I'll also have to post some pictures from the weekend later since I can't access them right now. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to the week!!!

God Bless!!

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