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24 June 2014

Hey everyone! I've slacked on posts over the last week and a half. Most of it is due to a lot of extra prep work that was going on for upcoming church events both locally and for the state. I had intended to get some posts ready and queued up for this week on Saturday but my schedule ended up not allowing me to do that. I was being social with friends/fellow interns and my host family which is important. In a lot of cases more so than this blog.

The last four days have been pretty much non-stop going. From last minute prep for the All Church Campout that happened Friday through Saturday morning to running a whole bunch of DMX cables for light towers at the discipleship camp we're at for the week. We have been moving from one activity to another with a few hours of final prep time in between them. One nice thing this weekend was that our Saturday softball game was cancelled due to we got a little extra time that we probably a little too excited for! All in all it was a crazy weekend that led into today which was a long day of set up and training for Super Summer. It's been a busy day and it has been tiring, but the students get here tomorrow and soon we will see the impact that all of this will have.

Super Summer Worship Band Practice
Tonight was our last night before the students arrive. So we did all of the big prep and we will finish up in the morning. It also meant that it was the last chance for the band to do a full run through of all of the music for the week. It was a late night but so worth it.

I'm excited for the students to arrive tomorrow! My role this year is a little different than it was last year, but it will be a fun one none the less. I look forward to seeing how God will work in the lives of the students, as well as in the lives of all of us who are on staff for the week. I will write more and do a recap next week. I may get around to posting something later this week as well, but who knows. Now i'm going to finish some intern work for back home and then head to bed to hopefully get some rest before tomorrow...or today!

Good Night! ...or Good Morning!

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