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04 February 2016

 Here's a throwback to a picture I took last winter. Still one of my favorites!

I know everyone with snow will hate me for saying this, but I am indeed jealous of y'all!! I would love for us to get some snow here in Illinois! It just has not felt like winter around here and I keep flashing back to the last couple of winters when we got a ton of snow. I would take a day or even a weekend full of snow that allowed me to stay inside wrapped up in a blanket with a book and a cup of coffee or cocoa. Y'all, enjoy that snow for me!!

It is crazy to me that it is already February. I'm pretty sure we just celebrated New Years...
Today, actually this evening, is the start of Winter Break for Olivet, so my housemates are heading home. Campus will be clearing out as people head home for this extended weekend. For me it doesn't make a difference to my schedule as I will still be working and going about life as normal. Having a day with no classes just gives me the time to get ahead on some classes.

While I've enjoyed my time at Olivet and in college, I am so ready to be done. I am ready to take some time just working, doing ministry, and living life without the daily time constraint of classes and homework. I think I may look into doing some grad school in the future, but I think I may take a few months to a year off first if possible. Mainly so I can determine what exactly I would like to major in.

Its weird to think that I am currently considering grad school. I'm 23 years old, I'm renting a house, I have a job, and I am considering grad school. What?! Craziness! It's really just been hitting me lately that I really am in adulthood. Or to connect with pop culture, I am really "adulting". Haha it's nothing new to me and yet weird to fully acknowledge. Especially when I look at the fact that I find myself in charge of children ranging in age from newborns to highschoolers on a weekly basis. I'm old enough to be in charge of anyone in these age ranges. It's such a blessing to do so but crazy to think about!!

This comes into play as we are starting to make preparations for the camps that happen in the summer. As of last night I accepted a position at one camp that is different than what I have done in the past and one that will be a bit more time intensive. It is a role that is more geared at my strengths but personality wise and spiritually. While I am a bit nervous to be stepping into this role, I also look forward to fulfilling those role and working alongside some totally awesome people! Camp is only 4 months away and there is so much to prep! Can't wait for it to get here!

Now I should probably get back to paying attention to my professor talk about languages...

Have a good day!!

Sincerely, Shelbi

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