30 January 2016

For those who don't know, this past Sunday was my birthday. I turned 23. I didn't do anything super exciting or celebratory. I had church and youth group, as well as a bunch of homework. Thus I spent the day at home when I wasn't at church. Just an average day in the life.

Yet I find myself wondering what the coming 12 months will hold. I know that there are some guaranteed events that will take place this year. I will graduate with my second undergraduate degree. I will finally be working full-time on a constant basis as opposed to going back and forth with school. I will start a new chapter in my life as a post-grad. I will be working at a couple of church camps this summer. I will be going to see my good friend, Alyssa, get married and hopefully get the chance to see my best friend, Mike.

My plans kind of end at the end of the summer. I have nothing set in stone for what will happen at the end of the summer. I don't know if I will stay where I am or find myself going somewhere else. I don't know if I will still be working where I currently am or if I will find myself working elsewhere. I don't know what to plan for or what to expect. I have no idea what these 12 months will entail. I can't even imagine because I have a feeling that it will be better.

Either way, I know who holds these coming months, these coming decisions, these coming life changes. It is God who holds them. I trust that He will direct me on the path that He sees as most fit for my life. I pray that I willingly follow the path on which He leads me. I pray that my vision stays focused solely on the Almighty.

So here's to the coming weeks and months. Here's to the coming year.

Here's to 23.

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