When You Don't Feel Like Worship

27 February 2015

Sometimes we love to worship our Father. We look forward to any chance we get to worship Him. We worship through all that we do and our life is focused around it. Sometimes our hearts are in it and it is true, it is genuine.

But sometimes it is just the opposite. Sometimes life weighs down on us and so much is going wrong that the last thing our hearts feel like doing is worshipping. Just the idea of doing so can feel like another source of exhaustion.

It can also feel like worship won't do anything for the situation. It can feel like it is just a band-aid for some people.

These feelings often come when we find ourselves at a point in time where numerous things are going wrong or are not working out. I have found myself in this very situation the past couple of weeks. There has just been one thing after another going wrong and nothing going right. I didn't want to talk to or interact with other people let alone worship.

I didn't realize how much I felt this until I was in chapel this past Wednesday morning. I was standing there with all of my fellow students, faculty and staff and I tried to sing the first few lines. I tried because I felt like I was supposed to or that I should. But I couldn't. I couldn't sing the lyrics. My heart wasn't in it and I didn't feel like worshipping. I kept thinking through all of the things that have been happening. It was like a movie highlight video playing in my head.

I was having a hard time worshipping at all throughout the day. I didn't really talk with anyone the rest of the day unless I had to. My heart was exhausted. I didn't feel like worship.

I heard a story from a classmate during a Children's Ministry class on Wednesday afternoon that I related to deeply. By the time I got into chapel on Thursday morning my heart was in a big of a different place. Before I knew it I was singing the songs and worshipping like I hadn't done in days.

I realized on Thursday that what I really needed in the time that I didn't feel like worshipping was just that. Worship. I needed to worship God, to spend time in His presence being reminded of who He is.

In those times when just the idea of worshipping feels exhausting. When life seems overwhelming and all of the situations are weighing on our shoulders. We may feel like the last thing we want to do, or in some cases need to do, is worship. But I think we need to.

We need to spend time worshipping and remembering who God is. We need to remember that He is the...

Provider. Comforter. Healer. Protector. Shepherd. Peace Giver. Father.

And so much more. He is so much more than we can imagine and He can bring us through the hard times. He can relieve that weight on our shoulders. Things may not change or get better right away, but He can give you a peace about what is going on. Your Heavenly Father has your best interests at heart and He cares about you deeply.

When you don't feel like worship that is likely when you need to do it most.

Find a quiet place and spend 5-10 minutes focusing on God. Talk to Him without mentioning yourself. It will seem strange at first, but it can be such a great experience. Grab a piece of paper and write down the names of God. Write a prayer to Him about Him (don't use I, me, my). Make a list of the things that He created. There is so much you can do.

So even when you don't feel like it... Worship. Worship your Father.

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