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21 February 2015

1. Stay With Me Dance 

I.aM.mE. Crew - Stay With Me Dance 

I couldn't get the video to embed and I couldn't find it on YouTube, so unfortunately I just had to put a link to their Facebook. I hope it works! If not let me know! I love the fluidity of their dance with this song. They are able to show so much emotion through it!

2. Good Parenting: Father Tells His Daughter How A Good Man Should Treat Her

This video is absolutely precious!! She is blessed to have a father who is teaching her early in her life how a man should treat her. Teaching her now will instill good instincts when it comes time for her to date and eventually marry. We need more dads like this who take the time to teach their daughters this. And we need fathers who teach their sons to treat women like this. Way to go to this daddy!

3. How To Find Community Right Where You Are - Joy Forney

I am absolutely loving this post about community that Joy posted! Joy's post How To Find Community Right Where You Are is such a great reminder that community doesn't have to be fancy, it doesn't have to always be put together. Community is more often just found in being together, in sharing life. It is found in the laughs, the tears, the celebrating that happens when we are together with people who care about us and who can understand the journey we are on. Thank you Joy for this wonderful post!

4. Mike Rowe's Response to Being Called Out On His Lifestyle

I grew up watching Mike Rowe on his show Dirty Jobs and I love him and the show! So when this article came across my feed on Facebook the other day I couldn't help but read it. Someone called Rowe out about what his lifestyle is like off screen and his response is wonderful!! You can head on over HERE and check it out!!

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