A Belated Thanksgiving! // Holiday Weekend In Review

01 December 2014

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful time with your families as you celebrated the holiday. I hope that you enjoyed the blessing of wonderful food, lots of laughter, and safe travels. Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday and a great time to share needed time with family.

This past week I headed down to Ferguson, MO to have Thanksgiving at my grandparent's house. A good chunk of the family came down. Cousins, sisters, aunts and uncles from Kansas and Ohio. Throw in a couple of boyfriends and there were 21 of us in one house the majority of the time. Craziness is what it can seem like and often is, but so fun to have so many of us all together.

The day after I got there it started snowing in the morning and kept going until late that night, which meant it looked like this all day...

It was a beautiful snow! Luckily it didn't keep anyone from getting to the house on Wednesday. Thursday we spent the day just hanging at the house since we weren't doing Thanksgiving dinner until Friday. We also got the chance to go down to the NICU to see the new triplets! They will be two weeks old this week. They were a couple months early, so they are around 3lbs each. So tiny! (Pictures courtesy of my aunt Angie...)

Baby Noelle Saundra
Baby Lila Kathleen
Baby Callan Andrea
Such tiny little blessings!! It was so awesome to get a chance to see them, even if we can't hold them for a couple of months. Welcome to the family and to the crazy clan of cousins!

We also spent some time playing Nertz, which is indeed a family tradition...

These are some intense games with our family. There's a lot of laughs, 'trash talk', and moments of rationalizing moves. I wish I had people to play with here at school!

I also decided to dress up the t-shirt I got from the International Justice Mission booth at the National Youth Workers Convention...

Tshirt: IJM / Sweater: a gift / Scarf: a gift / Earrings: Rahab's Rope
Overall it was a great Thanksgiving Break! After a week and a half of traveling I sort of enjoyed knowing that getting on the train to Kankakee from Chicago was my last bit of traveling for a while.

Headed back to the Bourb on Saturday

Here's to a great week!
God Bless!

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