Weekly Wishes #1

30 October 2013

***Note: This was supposed to be posted on Monday but the publishing app I use has been acting up and it never posted it. Wish it had posted earlier, but I hope you enjoy!

Hello lovely readers! I have not been the greatest at keeping up with this along with everything else I have had going on at school. I can't really say that I am sorry as I needed the time I would have used for blogging in order to study for tests, write papers, and work on projects. I am trying to figure out some ways that I can post more often despite my crazy schedule. I will share one of them soon! This week I am trying something new...I am going to be posting weekly wishes (goals) every Sunday or Monday night.

This weeks wishes/goals are:

Spend more time in His Word. I am really wanting to get better at daily spending time in His Word and to do it outside of Chapel, Bible study, and youth group. As I am finding myself working in ministry more and more, as well as looking into adding a Ministry minor, it seems necessary and beneficial to increase my knowledge of the Scriptures. It is also something that I have felt strongly about lately in regards to my personal walk. I often find myself focusing on music to worship Him and spend time with Him. It isn't a bad thing, but reading His Word is key and I haven't been doing my best. So that is my first goal this week.

Be intentional. I am in relation with so many different people throughout my days and weeks. Yet I rarely take time to intentionally communicate or interact with a lot of them. The same goes with my campers from the summer and my youth group. I need to be much more intentional about communicating with them as it is good for us, as well as the fact that it will strengthen my relationship with all of them. I also want to try and be intentional about communicating with my professors as well.

Be conscientious about what I eat. As a college student this isn't exactly an easy one as we a lot of times have no choice but to partake of the not so high quality cafeteria food. Don't get me wrong,we have far better food than a lot of places and far more options. However, it doesn't always taste like it should (at least to me and my fancy food taste buds). I generally don't find it to be too much of an issue to eat fairly healthy, especially since I keep whole grains, veggies, and lean meats in the apartment. However, we all know that late night food runs happen on the late study nights or movie nights. Care packages come full of sweets and homemade goodies. Pizza gets ordered far more often than we would ever like to admit. It isn't always easy to stick to a healthy diet or start one up. I just want to cut back on my sweets intake, as that is my worst area due to my candy stash under my desk. This will probably be difficult as one of my roommates made Oreo Balls and they are sitting in the fridge...oh the temptation!

Well those are my wishes/goals for this week. Looking forward to filling you all in on it on Sunday or Monday. New posts coming soon!

Love you all! Have a wonderful week! God bless! :)

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