Ponds Are TONGUES Of Fun

30 October 2013

So for those of you who don't know, I am a Child Development major at my university. This means that I am apart of the Family and Consumer Sciences Department. It also means that I have to take a handful of Education classes for preschool. I am currently in Methods of Early Childhood Education. It is a fun class and our professor is absolutely wonderful! She's an older lady and she's super sweet!

For this class we are doing one week long Thematic Units. This is a group,project and so I am with three other girls from my class. We ended up choosing the topic of Ponds and Living Things. We have been working on writing lesson plans, making a web cluster, family newsletter, and so on. One of our projects was to create an Interactive Bulletin Board. So we made this...


There are little flies with the vocabulary words on them and they are in the black pocket on the tree.
The flies are laminated so that they won't get bent or anything.
There are frog tongues of varying lengths to reach item that we will be talking about.
The students will pin the correct fly on the correct pond item, then they will find the tongue that is the right length to reach from the frog to the pond item and pin it up.
It works on length/measurement, fine motor skills, vocabulary, science (frog life cycle), and texture.

The algae is made of lime green spider web from the Halloween decorations available at Walmart.
The tops of the cat tails I made myself with items from the dollar store.
They are made from small foam balls from the floral,section and brown fuzzy gloves.
I used floral pins to hold the foam together (two for each top) and put them in a glove.
I then used needle and thread to sew around the foam.
I proceeded to cut the excess off.
Tada!!! Cattail tops!

We just pinned them on and called it good.
It makes it 3D and give them another texture to feel!
It was fun to make and looks great!


  1. that is so clever!! Love the title nice clever spin :)

    1. Thanks! One of my partners came up with the title and it is super cute for a pre-k classroom!


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