Still Doing Office Work At 1am

04 August 2013

Hey everyone!!
I know that I said I was back and would be posting more just a couple weeks ago, but then things got kind of crazy around here and all of us interns have been going non-stop for about three weeks.
I am definitely serious now about being back and posting about the summer.
This coming week will definitely be much slower paced and therefore allow me some time to work on writing.
I have a lot to share with you all and can't wait to do so!!
God has been doing some incredible things!

So as I am sitting in the office attempting to finish up the Worship Folder for today's church service, I will leave you with this lovely picture of the awesome intern team I have been working with!!!
I will be sharing more about them soon as well :)

Malik, Kristin, Bri, Kenan, Me, & Andy at Co-ed Missions Camp
Also, props to anyone who can figure out what Bri is holding in this picture!
I will share exactly what it is in an upcoming post!!
I highly doubt that anyone will guess, but you are welcome to take a shot :)

Anyways, it's back to work for me!
Goodnight everyone!

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