Softball Tourney

17 August 2013

Hey y'all!!
Things have been a bit up in the air here lately as things are kinds busy, but also my head just has been focused elsewhere.
I feel like i've neglected this blog and i'm sorry about that.
That should change as this week goes by and school kicks off in less then two weeks.
I'll be moving into my apartment the end of next week and classes start the following Wednesday.
It's absolutely crazy to think that summer is over at the end of next week. I'm pretty sure it just started...
The time has flown but it's been one heck of a summer.
I'll be sharing with you some of the craziness in the next couple of days, then let some other types of posts begin to start back up again!!

Well we're off to the state Softball Tourney in just a short while.
Looking forward to cheering on the team and connecting with ladies from church!
I'll be back later today with another post with one of the summer highlights!

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