I'm Back!!

18 July 2013

Hey everyone!!
I'm sorry about being MIA the past few weeks.
Things have been absolutely crazy around here and they aren't stopping any time soon.
It started out with a week long discipleship camp for high school students the last week of July.
(I will be posting about that in the next couple days!)
After that we lost two members of our intern team.
This was a hard transition but it has ended up being beneficial to the team and the church.
We then had many events that have gone on the past few weeks.
We had a mission team come for a week and we did a lot of construction projects & prayer walking.
Right after the mission team left we had the IBSA All State Youth Choir come into town for a weekend.
This week has been absolutely crazy with the planning of Missions Camp next week which we happen to be in charge of.
We are also planning an All Church Campout that we will be doing the Friday we get back from Missions Camp.
We are also planning an Art Camp that will start the Monday after Missions Camp & the Campout.

These next few weeks are craziness but I am hoping to do more blogging and get some recap of the summer posted.
I don't have a lot of pictures, at least not of my own, but there will be some.
I apologize in advance in the event that I over post in the next couple weeks.
I have a lot to share from the last few weeks along with some things that have been on my heart and mind.

Anyways, I hope things are going well for everyone!!
God bless!

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