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02 July 2013

Hey everyone!!
I know I have been MIA the past week and a half and for that I apologize.
Sort of...

I was at a super awesome discipleship camp this past week and it was an amazing experience!!
I am glad that I was able to go and I don't apologize for not blogging because of it.
The chance I had to invest in the lives of those young ladies and young men was worth far more than any blog post.
Yet at the same time, I do miss getting to blog and I hope to share my experience this past week with you all soon.

This post however is focused on the fact that Google Reader is closing down today.
I know that many of my followers that I have had for a while are following using Google Reader.
Unfortunately you will not be able to do so any longer.
There is a website that will allow you to follow me though, along with any other blogs that you read.
The site is Bloglovin'.
Bloglovin' allows you to follow all your blogs in one place!
Any new post from any of the blogs will show up on your feed when you log in.
I find Bloglovin' to be an awesome resource as it allows me to be able to more easily keep up with blogs that I enjoy.

I highly suggest that everyone switches over to Bloglovin'!!!
You won't regret it!!

Anyways, I hope you all have a great day!!

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