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03 August 2012

It's been a bit since i've updated, although it feels like it's been forever.

There are several things going through my mind lately, but let me start by sharing a little of what has been going on this last week.

The Arkansas Mission Team left last weekend on Saturday and the guys were all back so we hung out after the softball game. Then we had to be at church crazy early (5:30am...ok it's not that bad) to set up everything for service. We then had lunch out and went tubing/.kneeboarding/skiing out on the river. Dinner at Rozy's and Star Wars Episode 1. 
Joel left last Sunday.
He started the week off with goodbyes.
It's been weird not having him around all this week.
Monday we had dinner at Rozy's again and watched Star Wars Episode 2.
Tuesday was dinner at my apartment and Star Wars Episode 3 (on my tiny tv).
Wednesday we were once again at Rozy's for dinner and we watched Star Wars Episodes 4 & 5.
Last night Rozy, Trent, and I had dinner at Nicole's while the guys had band practice and some of them went to Chicago to pick up Chad and Rachel. We watched Star Wars Episode 6.
Tonight we will all be getting together at the State Park for the All Church Camp-out.
I am thoroughly excited about camping!!
However, tonight marks the last night before the rest of the guys start heading home. 
Patrick leaves tomorrow.
McKenzie and Kenan leave after church on Sunday.
Malik and Andy head out on some point Sunday, but they'll be back by the following weekend.

Well there was a quick recap and kind of a perfect way to end this post.
I'll be posting again tomorrow at some point (hopefully).
I've got a lot of things that I am still processing in my mind and I think the extra day may be a great help in figuring out how to go about writing about it all!

God Bless!

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