Pure Oblivion

17 August 2012

There are moments when I wonder how I managed to miss some things. Such as the fact that there were people watching me and this guy. They spent the summer seeing if we liked each other. It's just slightly creepy when you find out that there were people staring at you all summer.

But then I found out that this group of people were purposely messing with me and this guy just to see what we did. Although I couldn't help but laugh about when I found out, it's still weird to think back and put two and two together about comments that were made. I hope the guy was a little more in tune to what they were all saying and joking about because I was straight up oblivious. (The fact that I was oblivious all summer is something that I've been informed has made for a good laugh or two.)

I'm still trying to figure out a response to all of it, so when I have one (and when I'm back in my apartment with my laptop) I'll try to post again. I just needed to share and didn't know where else to do it at.


  1. Oh wow! We knew that either he was completely oblivious or an idiot. We were all afraid that you two were accidentally giving the other the wrong signals and that one of you were going to end up hurt in the end. It's quite a relief to know that both of you were oblivious. No blood, no foul; I hope.

  2. No we were both clearly oblivious to each other. Like I guess from what I have gathered that we both liked each other but neither of us said anything. I'm just kinda stuck with the whole not knowing what to do now kind of thing. I also have realized that I don't even want to know how many conversations were had about the two of us between the rest of you...


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