Hanging On By A Thread

11 October 2012

There are just days when it seems like everything is going to fall apart any minute.
Unfortunately I have had this feeling for a few weeks.
I just feel crazy overwhelmed and overworked with everything that I have had on my plate.
Between 19 credit hours at school, 20 hours a week at work, a good 6-9 hours a week with church stuff, numerous hours doing homework, maybe 40 hours of sleep a week, friends who need me to be there for them in various forms, family things, financial issues, and a seemingly never ending list, it is pure craziness.
I have been trying to work it out and keep myself afloat with classes while working 4 nights a week.
However, while I was gone for fall break I got a chance to really look over things and think through things.
I realized how many things I haven't done because I haven't had time with work.
I also realized how much I am behind on as well.
I'm just getting overwhelmed.
I think that I need to give up the job I have now and find a few jobs along the lines of babysitting that won't take up so much time and will allow me to be flexible and keep up with my classes.
I just feel like i'll be letting people down by saying that I can't handle this job.
I hate the thought of letting people down.
I just don't think that I can do it anymore without completely losing it.
And it drives me nuts that i'm even thinking of this, but at the same time I feel like it's the right thing to do.
Especially since with my major changing I will have a bunch of extra things to do for class requirements that will take up my time and limit my available work time to little to none.
I feel like it is the best thing at the time...I just hate the idea that i'm letting people down.

I just can't do this overwhelming stress that I have been under for two months now.
It's dragging me down and I can't do it anymore.
I'm going to have a break down one of these days because I can't handle it.
That or I risk not being able to make my way through my classes and pass them.

Now I just have to muscle up the courage to talk to them tomorrow about it...

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