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13 September 2012

Summer just got over about a month ago, or a little shorter than that for some of us.
You would think that I should be focusing on today.
Yet I am spending time figuring out what I am going to do next summer.
I think I already have it figured out, which may seem kinda crazy to some of you out there.
But I do not think it is crazy.
Rather I think that it is a good thing that I feel lead to what I am doing next summer this far in advance.
I can more adequately prepare and make sure I am spiritually ready for it.
It releases the stress of trying to figure out what I will be doing in April.
I can relax and just spend time with God getting myself ready to face whatever challenges may come my way.

For those of you who may be curious as to what I am planning on doing this coming summer, I will give a quick overview.
I am planning on staying here in Illinois and doing missions work with my church.
This can, and most likely will, include various aspects of ministry.
From office and administrative, to kids and students ministries.
If I can figure out some instrument stuff, then quite possibly some music stuff will be in there as well.
The specifics are yet to necessarily be nailed down, but they will be the closer the summer gets.
Now some of you may be asking why I would want to spend my summer doing this.
Simply put...I feel like God wants me to.
It isn't anything complicated that requires a ten page answer.
I just simply feel called to do it.
To some this may seem odd, yet to some it may seem like a tremendous opportunity.
I see it as another step in my journey with God.
He has a plan for this coming summer and I have no clue what it is, but I am extremely excited to find out!
I could not ask for a better opportunity.
God has opened a door for me and I feel blessed to be able to walk through it.
I feel that although I feel called to partake in this opportunity, I am going to be faced with many people who are greatly opposed to the idea of my staying here and doing this.
I have an idea of who some of these people are.
At first I do not think that they will necessarily approve, but I think that eventually they will be okay with it.
I just do not want to back out of this because of what people think, because ultimately it is God who will grant the ultimate approval for this opportunity.
If I feel like God has called me to do this, then I am going to do it.
It may upset some people or even make some people blow me off because they don't understand.
But I'm not supposed to be pleasing people, but rather God.
I may feel sad that people may feel negative feelings toward this, but I feel like if it is in God's will I will feel at peace about this decision that I have made.
I am just going to be continuously praying that God will provide whatever is necessary.
I am also praying that He will give me confidence in this decision as I move forward in the application process.
I am trusting that this is where He wants me to be and that everything will work out for His purpose.
I am confident in His plan and am willing to follow where ever He may lead.

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